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Using Bootstrap the right way

There are many ways to misuse Bootstrap, but it’s entirely possible to use it on a better way with a few tweaks on your process. Use it as an external package The greatest thing about Bower it’s not the ability to download whatever library or script but to use it as the package manager it’s…

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SSL configuration generator

Configuring SSL can be a really tricky juggle between security, performance and compatibility. Mozilla has published a wizard-like SSL configuration generator that supports various web servers (Nginx and Apache included) and OpenSSL versions, with different presets for old, intermediate or modern-only browser compatibility.

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The most complete localization data you’ll ever need

The Unicode Common Locale Data Repository it’s “the largest and most extensive repository of locale data available”, so it’s pretty much the perfect solution when you need information such as: Currency values, with ISO codes and visualization formats Dates and times patterns, including timezones List of “territories”, countries, continents, etc. with their corresponding languages, currencies…

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Importar tu base de datos de WordPress (de la forma más rápida)

Uno de los grandes aprendizajes que he podido aplicar al desarrollo de sitios con WordPress, y del cual soy particularmente entusiasta de sermonear es la necesidad de mantener una versión local de desarrollo lo más parecida posible a lo que vas a utilizar en producción, lo que además se apoya y soporta un montón de…

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