Typographic (english documentation)

Typographic it’s a [tumblelog->@en.wiki]-like theme for WordPress

How to use it

Since WordPress isn’t specifically designed to manage a tumblelog, it’s necessary to adjust some things to make it behave like it could.
The first step it’s to create a set of categories according to the types of content you’ll publish:

  • “Normal” posts
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Conversations
  • Quotes
  • Links

Each post should be filed in one of these categories; it can also be on other (for instance: “Images, landscapes, beach, sunset”), but it has to be in just one of the former.
If you want, you may add tags with Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.
Configuración de Typographic After installing the theme, you should go to it’s configuration page: on the Administration board, go to Presentation and then to Typographic.
Once you are there, you have to enter the category ID for every type of content. You may see the ID of each category on Manage > Categories.
You can add a brief description of your site too.


  • Automatic styles for quotes according to their length
  • Automatic styles for conversations; just use this format:
    Uno: Lorem ipsum
    Dos: dolor sit amet...
  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional + CSS
  • Each post will have a class according to its type, so you can easily play around with your CSS
  • Minimalist style
  • Localization support: original code in english, includes an spanish translation which can also be used to translate it to other languages
  • Plugins support: Ultimate Tag Warrior 3, Related Entries, Related Posts (you should only use one of these two), WP Digg Style Pagination Plugin.
  • Includes Slimbox, a lightweight Lighbox clone, developed with mootools. To use it, you only have to add the attribute rel="lightbox" on the links that point to full version images.
  • Free software under GNU General Public License, version 2
  • Easy configuration thanks to WordPress Theme Toolkit.
  • Careful selection of typography, uses the new Vista fonts for a better look


Typographic (40 KB ZIP)

62 responses to “Typographic (english documentation)”

  1. Very nice job with this. I especially like the the inclusion of the theme administration section. Gonna make it easier for people to use. Though I get a kick out of it, not everyone enjoys hacking through code. Nice touch with the Vista fonts also, and Slimbox is a great little toy in include. You should drop a note about Typographic at the Weblog Tools Collection forum. I’m sure there’d be a bunch of people keen on using this. Nice work.

  2. Amazing! This was just what I was looking for last night, but couldn’t find. And now, on this beautiful morning, there is Typographic. Gracie!

  3. a demo would be nice and no offense, what i can tell from the pictures it looks rly nice so far, but “uses the new Vista fonts for a better look” are you serious? u got to be kidding right o_0

  4. tyler: I just checked some screenshots made with Safari for Windows and Mac, and you’re absolutely right, and discovered the same on Konqueror (Linux).
    I will keep it in mind for a next release, but for now, you could fix that adding a simple css rule to css/typograpgic.css: post-content{line-height:1.8} or some other value.
    Thanks for the notice

  5. woordenar, it’s great to know that Typographic works with WP 2.3… some day I’ll release an update to take better advantage of the new features (internal tags, as opossed to UTW) and address some requests.

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