This is the personal blog of Felipe Lavín, co-founder & partner at Bloom User Experience.

I’m a web developer with a passion for the open web, WordPress and UX, crafting fine digital goods from Viña del Mar, Chile.


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Javascript para programadores impacientes

JavaScript for impatient programmers — a pesar del título, explica con harto detalle incluso los aspectos más básicos del lenguaje. Está actualizado hasta ES 2019 por lo que es especialmente útil para refrescar cosas de sintaxis y nuevas funcionalidades que se han ido incorporando al lenguaje. El libro está prácticamente entero, sólo hay un par…

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Fresh stuff from around the web

My good friend Francisco Vera recently released a new version of his personal site where he’s continuously sharing his work and insights on the craft of experience and service design. You can also check the source code for his template on GitHub.

This performant front-end archicture article it’s an excellent high-level technical overview of the entire process for showing a web page, from downloading resources to rendering and prefetching.

On Twelve Days of Front End Testing, Amy Kapernick shows twelve testing tools that cover several aspects of front end testing, such as visual regressions, accesibility, performance, etc.

Request handlers are a different, simpler way to structure a PHP app leveraging the __invoke() magic method to create truly single-responsibility classes.

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