La nube como espacio privatizado

El acceso global está basado cada vez más en la privatización virtualmente monopolista de la nube que proporciona ese acceso. Cuanto más acceso tiene un usuario individual al espacio público universal, más se privatiza ese espacio. Creo que la clave es impedir que estas nubes sean de propiedad privada. No es un problema tecnológico; realmente es una decisión económica puramente ideológica.

Slavoj Zizek Pedir lo imposible

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Lessons from Redmond – Cringely on technology

AWS, which most people think of as EC2 computing and S3 storage but actually contains a dozen or more cloud-based services, has become a quick and easy way to bring new Internet services to market with little or no capital by launching them on AWS and paying with a credit card. But given that Amazon is hosting all these new companies it shouldn’t be at all surprising that the company has learned a lot from that hosting experience and may covet some of these new businesses.

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Cyborgology on What Technology Wants

David Banks from Cyborglogy writes a brief, yet concise critique of Kevin Kelly’s What Technology Wants:

Kelly’s book and Kacynski’s writings both benefit from extreme abstraction and macro perspectives that erase the kinds of important distinctions that make for good theory and critique. Both Kelly and Kacynski do a poor job of operationalizing the relationship of nature and technology. For Kacynski, technology is a distinct, identifiable and alien entity that invades the natural order. For Kelly, technology emerges out of human activity and picks up where biology left off- diversifying and adding complexity to the universe. These sweeping explanations ignore the social realities of knowledge production and the embedded politics of technological artifacts.

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