It’s time for Debian

Jonathan Carter, Debian Project Leader, writes about the end of CentOS as we know it — their recent decission to base newer releases on CentOS Stream instead of a more stable branch now makes it a less-than-ideal choice for servers. Earlier this year, I switched away from Ubuntu after close to 10 years of using… Continue reading It’s time for Debian

AI is far from intelligent

Douglas Hofstadter raises a very interesting point regarding AI: can you really say that a machine it’s intelligent if it’s not actually thinking? (and not just crunching huge amounts of data to get a probabilistically advantageous answer) If you ask me in principle if it’s possible for a computing hardware to do something like thinking,… Continue reading AI is far from intelligent

The Open Web, Fuck Yeah! | hueniverse

Is your new thing so fucking amazing that people are going to install your app and give it a chance? Statistically speaking, unless you are best friend with a famous celebrity or Apple decides to feature your app in one of their top categories or search results, you are pretty much fucked Source: The Open… Continue reading The Open Web, Fuck Yeah! | hueniverse