It’s time for Debian

Jonathan Carter, Debian Project Leader, writes about the end of CentOS as we know it — their recent decission to base newer releases on CentOS Stream instead of a more stable branch now makes it a less-than-ideal choice for servers.

Earlier this year, I switched away from Ubuntu after close to 10 years of using it as my primary OS, mainly because of their push of Snaps on the newest LTS.

Debian it’s not only stable, but also really easy to install and configure as a desktop or server OS to the point of almost being boring (if it wouldn’t have as many desktop enviroments to choose!)… which it’s actually just perfect for getting your work done!

AI is far from intelligent

Douglas Hofstadter raises a very interesting point regarding AI: can you really say that a machine it’s intelligent if it’s not actually thinking? (and not just crunching huge amounts of data to get a probabilistically advantageous answer)

If you ask me in principle if it’s possible for a computing hardware to do something like thinking, I would say absolutely it’s possible. Computing hardware can do anything that a brain could do, but I don’t think at this point we’re doing what brains do. We’re simulating the surface level of it, and many people are falling for the illusion.

Q&A: Douglas Hofstadter on why AI is far from intelligent