GitHub Copilot and copyright

Julia Reda, the pirate in the european parliament, argues that Github Copilot is not infringing your copyright because text and data mining is not copyright infrigement and machine-generated code is not a derivative work. She explains on simple terms the current legal status on these issues, while also arguing that copyleft does not benefit from an extension of copyright to actions that are not currently covered by copyright.

Design principles for the web

When I first read the title “Design principles for the web” I thought this was going to be yet another post about web design trends… fortunately I was completely wrong.

On this article (there’s also a video) Jeremy Keith takes us from detecting bias in analytics to design methodologies to a discussion of the conceptual foundations of the web and the deep contrasts with today’s over-engineering trends of trying to bend and control the user experience even at the expense of universality/ubiquity — in the words of Eric Meyer, “the web does not value consistency. The web values ubiquity”.

Digital manors and warlords

On Neofeudalism and the Digital Manor, Cory Doctorow compares Apple, Microsoft, Google to warlords willing to defend your digital security… unless they’re compelled to turn on you by a government power, which, it turns out, happens quite a lot. A good reminder that all that sensitive information that they’re collecting on you, can and will be used against you, just as that seemingly well-intentioned control over your device will be abused.