Design principles for the web

When I first read the title “Design principles for the web” I thought this was going to be yet another post about web design trends… fortunately I was completely wrong. On this article (there’s also a video) Jeremy Keith takes us from detecting bias in analytics to design methodologies to a discussion of the conceptual… Continue reading Design principles for the web

Designers: design less, think more

Over time, it becomes apparent that design it’s less about “drawing” or creating a graphic solution and more about understanding the problem and weighting the solutions — “Once you get to Figma, most of the hard work should already be done”

Digital manors and warlords

On Neofeudalism and the Digital Manor, Cory Doctorow compares Apple, Microsoft, Google to warlords willing to defend your digital security… unless they’re compelled to turn on you by a government power, which, it turns out, happens quite a lot. A good reminder that all that sensitive information that they’re collecting on you, can and will… Continue reading Digital manors and warlords