Hosted ElasticSearch (2017 edition)

ElasticSearch offers an excellent alternative when you need to implement a better alternative to MySQL FULLTEXT search, with nice features such as related results, facets, “did-you-mean” and many, many options to control exactly what you need to get from it.

Unfortunately, as your data grows it also becomes harder to host on your own and keep focusing on your product rather than the operation of your search cluster, which it’s why there are several services that can take care of this.

Here’s some of them and their main differences.

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Using Bootstrap the right way

There are many ways to misuse Bootstrap, but it’s entirely possible to use it on a better way with a few tweaks on your process.

Use it as an external package

The greatest thing about Bower it’s not the ability to download whatever library or script but to use it as the package manager it’s intended to be, which primarily means to never modify packages installed with Bower.

There’s a simple reason for this: one of the key advantages of using a package manager is being able to keep your packages up-to-date, and since a package manager it’s not a version control system, whatever changes you make to an installed package will be lost with an update.

In the case of Bootstrap, here’s what I do:

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