Sam’s ultimate web performance tool and resource list

While preparing for my talk at Codemania I started filling my slides with links, clearly not something that scales. So, instead, here is a big list of interesting tools and resources that can help you journey through the murky waters of web performance.

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The Case Against Google

It’s not surprising that the tracking debate had people up in arms. A Pew Internet study, conducted just before Google combined its privacy policies (and after it rolled out personalized search results in Search Plus Your World) found that three quarters of people don’t want their search results tracked, and two thirds don’t even want them personalized based on prior history.

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Install Dropbox On Ubuntu Server (10 & 11)

This post will help you install the Linux Dropbox client on your headless Ubuntu Server and link it up to your Dropbox account. Unlike the process of mounting an S3 bucket we looked at before the Dropbox approach is a much better solution for sharing files. If you’re a daily Dropbox user you’ll quickly get hooked on the convenience of having your servers in the same file sharing loop as all your other Dropbox connected devices!

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E-book gratuito sobre WordPress y AJAX

Hace algunos días me tropecé con un e-book que ofrece una introducción bastante completa al trabajo con AJAX sobre WordPress, adecuadamente titulado WordPress & AJAX. An in-depth guide on using Ajax with WordPress, que se puede descargar gratuitamente en su totalidad, junto con sus ejemplos de código.

El libro se enfoca en lograr una buena base y fomentar buenas prácticas en el desarrollo plugins o funcionalidades con AJAX, y a partir de eso plantea el análisis de tres plugins. Si bien sus explicaciones son bastante detalladas, es necesario tener un conocimiento básico de javascript y WordPress, y algo más acabado de PHP.

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Lessons from Redmond – Cringely on technology

AWS, which most people think of as EC2 computing and S3 storage but actually contains a dozen or more cloud-based services, has become a quick and easy way to bring new Internet services to market with little or no capital by launching them on AWS and paying with a credit card. But given that Amazon is hosting all these new companies it shouldn’t be at all surprising that the company has learned a lot from that hosting experience and may covet some of these new businesses.

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Cyborgology on What Technology Wants

David Banks from Cyborglogy writes a brief, yet concise critique of Kevin Kelly’s What Technology Wants:

Kelly’s book and Kacynski’s writings both benefit from extreme abstraction and macro perspectives that erase the kinds of important distinctions that make for good theory and critique. Both Kelly and Kacynski do a poor job of operationalizing the relationship of nature and technology. For Kacynski, technology is a distinct, identifiable and alien entity that invades the natural order. For Kelly, technology emerges out of human activity and picks up where biology left off- diversifying and adding complexity to the universe. These sweeping explanations ignore the social realities of knowledge production and the embedded politics of technological artifacts.

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